Past Exhibitions

  • 30th June-31st August 2019 – Paintings by Tom Loffill – Red Door Studios, London
  • 25th-28th July 2019 – ‘6×6’ – The Why Gallery, Frome, Somerset
  • 26th-30th September 2018 – A Letter in Mind: A Way With Colour at Gallery @ Oxo, London
  • 12th June-19th August 2018 – Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
  • 5th August 2018 – Zabludowicz Collection, London – ‘Cease and Desist’ (Performance, musical collaboration with Guy Oliver and the Imperial College Choir)
  • 21st June-12th August 2018 – Zabludowicz Collection, London – Guy Oliver ‘And You Thought I Was Bad’ (Collaboration with Guy Oliver: Music for his film ‘And You Thought I was Bad’)
  • 8th-29th June 2018 – Islington Arts Factory Summer Salon, London
  • 1st-30th June 2018 – ‘6×6’ – The Why Gallery, Frome, Somerset
  • 12th May 2018 – ‘The Gloomy Day’ – Five Years Gallery, London (Collaboration with LJA Brown: Spoken Word, Music & Video Projection; part of the program ‘Being Together is Not Enough’)
Red Door Studios


varnishing day
Royal Academy


Royal Academy


Zabludowicz Collection


Zabludowicz Collection


Five Years Gallery